The Caffeinated Energy Bar.

The caffeine kick you get from coffee and the protein from your favorite snack now in one tasty bar.

150mg Caffeine - 11G Protein

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Why Eat Caffeine?

Eating caffeinated foods instead of drinking caffeinated beverages lengthens the time it takes for the caffeine to enter and exit your bloodstream. The resulting effect is much smoother and more sustained caffeinated experience.

Our Ingredient Philosophy

The customer deserves quality.

We made the first Boom Bar with ingredients bought at our university market. Although we've graduated from our dorm's kitchen, we still choose ingredients you can understand without a food science degree.

Products should deliver on their promise.

Our bodies use protein and carbs for sustained energy. Combining high-quality sources of each with the elevating effects of caffeine makes for an energy bar that actually gives you energy.

How much is 150mg of Caffeine?

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Boom Bars.

Boom Bars.

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